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California Nebula, Exmoor, 2018

The California nebula, also known as NGC 1499, an emission nebula around 100 light-years long. Hydrogen atoms, electrons and energetic starlight as photographed under the pristine dark skies of Exmoor.

Tech Card

Date / Location

10th November 2018, Exmoor, GMT+0, United Kingdom, TEMP: 8C, HUM: 96%, Bortle Class 3 ~SGM: 21.75 mag./arc sec2


Camera: Nikon D810A

Imaging Telescope: Takahashi FS-60CB

Correcting Lens: Takahashi Reducer 0.72x (composite focal length at 264mm and focal ratio at f/4.9)

Mount: iOptron CEM25EC

Image Quality

14 bit RAW (NEF)

Exposure time per image / number of composities and sensitivity

ISO 1600, 1 x 180" subs

ISO 3200, 20 x 180" subs

Total Integration Time

1hr 3mins

Calibration Frames

23 Darks, 23 Bias, 25 Flats


PixInsight 1.8 Core