About me

My name is Panagiotis Andreou (AKA Takis). I am a software engineer by day, amateur astrophotographer and astronomer by night.

All these photons from stars and distant deep sky objects caught my interest when I was really young. I was spending hours looking at them with the naked eye. Two decades later, I got my first telescopes. I was hooked. I was going deeper and deeper into the cosmos.

My trusty astrograph
My trusty astrograph

Since summer 2017, I started taking my first astrophotos. I began with constellations, our solar system and our galaxy, the Milky Way. Then I moved on to all kind of deep sky objects from galaxies and clusters to nebulae and supernovae. From stock Nikon DSLRs, wide lens and telephotos to Takahashi refractors, Nikon astromodofied DSLRs, cooled monochrome astro-cameras and Astrodon narrowband and LRGB filters.

Milky Way Kefalonia
My very first milky way photograph

I feel so lucky I can enjoy them in all their glory through my photographs. This is what I want to share with you. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


Deep Sky photographs


Starscape photographs


Solar system photographs


Various astronomical events photographs